Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Madzoon (Armenian Yogurt)

Treasured Heirloom Recipes

silky, smooth, refreshing.......
2 ingredients, so simple to make.......
you'll find madzoon in Armenian homes
specially the grandmothers.
fresh made madzoon is so good.....
nothing like any store bought yogurt.
wonderful by itself, with any fruit,
added in most Middle Eastern, Mediterranean
dishes, also use in baking.....

Madzoon (Armenian Yogurt)

Whole milk
plain yogurt with live culture (starter)
(know any Armenian family,
they may have a starter for you)

you can start with a quart of whole milk,
pour it in a small saucepan,
over medium heat till it start to foam up,
off the heat let the foam go down,
repeat at least three times, turn off the heat,
leave the milk on the stove top
until the temperature of the milk goes down
to 100ยบF. you can remove the skin that form
during boiling or some people like to leave it in,
pour it in a glazed ceramic container with a
cover, temper the starter yogurt with the
warm milk then pour it in and mix it well,
cover, wrap it with a thick towel and put it in
a draft free area for at least 8 to 10 hours,
check to see if the yogurt is formed then place
it the refrigerator till its cool enough to serve.